AADP Partnership With Blue Violet Flowers and Gifts

January 30, 2024
AADP Partnership With Blue Violet Flowers and Gifts

The Archway Advanced Abilities Day Program (AADP) participants have been busy propagating houseplants in the Horticulture Room. They take turns watering and caring for the seedlings and cuttings, watching as they mature into viable, healthy houseplants.  

Thursday, the group transported a variety of healthy, freshly potted houseplants to the florist shop. The collection of houseplants will be available for purchase, and our participants will label each plant with a special message to remind you that your purchase provides more than a simple monetary reward; it gives someone a sense of pride and validation for a job well done. 

Look for the special edition houseplants in the Made by the AADP section in the Blue Violet Flowers and Gifts shop. 

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