Upper School (Evesham)

The Archway Upper School provides a wide variety of individualized programs for special-needs students ages 5 to 21. Children with communication disabilities, multiple handicaps, behavioral concerns and economic disadvantages — receive not just an education, but services they need to succeed in life.

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Lower School (Atco)

The Lower School in Waterford Township – Is a NJ DOE approved private school for the handicapped. It provides a nurturing & educational experience for students ages 3 through 21 with Multiple Disabilities, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Communication Disabilities, Other Health Impairments and Pre-School Disabilites (PSD). Our students, who may also be challenged socially, neurologically, and economically, receive not just an education, but also additional support services needed to succeed in life.

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Cooper's Poynt (Camden)

The Archway School at Cooper’s Poynt provides private school placement located in a public elementary school located in North Camden. This program features an innovative multi-sensory approach to youth delivering academics, non-typical peer integration, social and life skills. The objective is to focus on each child’s strengths while providing positive developmental supports to those with behavioral, emotional, intellectual and/or multiple disabilities.

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Creative Achievement Academy

The Creative Achievement Academy School is a non-profit private institution for students with academic and behavioral challenges. Our therapeutic approach is based on the conviction that all students can learn.  Creative Achievement Academy provides a nurturing environment in which students establish a new foundation, an equal chance, and a sense of belonging and acceptance. Each student’s program is tailored to his/her individual needs using a broad range of teaching strategies and hands-on activities.

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