Archway Launches Supported Employment Program for Adults with Disabilities

September 16, 2019

Archway has officially launched a new program under the Human Services Department, for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities. The Supported Employment Program helps clients determine areas of interest based on skill sets, strengths and previous work experience. Staff provides on-site job training and help find job opportunities from local businesses. This program gives individuals with disabilities self-worth, becoming valued members of the community. Archway is well aware that options are limited once students graduate from its APSSD programs (also known as The Archway Schools). Archway’s new Supported Employment Program offers a solution to parents and families facing this challenge. This new program furthers Archway’s mission and continuum of care to best serve clients and help bridge the gap in services that our families experience after graduation.

Archway’s Supported Employment Program offers a number of different services including but not limited to: vocational evaluations, work adjustment training, extended employment, and a number of employment services. Some of the employment services include career counseling, personalized instruction in resume writing and assistance with applications/interviews; community job development and placement; on-site job coaching; assistance with employer-employee relationship building; as well as ongoing job skill maintenance and evaluation.

To More Information

For more information about Archway’s Supported Employment Program, please visit

Eligibility Requirements & Referrals

To be eligible for the Supported Employment Program, one must have an intellectual/developmental disability, be registered with the DDD and be over 21 years old. Referrals for the Supported Employment Program are accepted. Please click here to fill out and submit an online referral form.


If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact Mickie Patetta via phone at 856.767.5757 x374 or via email at Any media inquiries should be directed to Jillian Pustizzi, Communications Manager via phone at 856.325.7369 or via email at

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