Blue Violet Flowers and Gifts Completes Special Order for Chick-fil-A

July 9, 2019

Amy Ashe, Marketing Director of two South Jersey Chick-fil-A restaurants, stopped in Blue Violet and Gifts to place special orders for two South Jersey Chick-fil-A restaurants for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day events. Pictured below is Dylan, one of our students from the Archway Lower School who works at Blue Violet Flowers and Gifts as part of the off-campus work study Career Education Program. He is proudly holding some of the bouquets he put together for this particular order.

Being included and able to contribute to the work that went into this order, is something that Dylan feels really good about. And he was ecstatic when he found out it was for his favorite restaurant, Chick-fil-A. Awesome job, Dylan! We are so incredibly proud of you.

A BIG thank you to Amy Ashe and Chick-fil-A for choosing Blue Violet Flowers and Gifts to complete your Mother’s Day and Father’s Day orders. You are giving Dylan and his fellow classmates the opportunity to be included and contribute to meaningful work.

When you shop at Blue Violet Flowers and Gifts, you are making a huge impact in the lives of others, supporting individuals with disabilities, promoting community inclusion and helping Archway Programs further its mission.

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