Chasin’ the Dream with Micheal Dean (an Archway Production)

May 21, 2018

A 9th grade student at Archway’s Upper School is currently following his dream of becoming a dancer thanks to a very dedicated teacher at Archway’s Upper School. Archway student, Michael Dean, has begun building his portfolio for when he is ready to pursue dance at an academic institute post-graduation. After hearing of Michael’s dream, Mike Peters, Paraprofessional at Archway’s Upper School and Career Education Program, looked into the possibility of creating a new class to help his student pursue this dream. Mr. Mike and other Archway staff from the Upper School talked to Michael and proposed to create a new broadcasting class if his behavior stayed on track. Soon after, the class was formed and is now offered to Archway students through the Career Education Program.

“I saw him light up with joy at the idea and as of January 2018 to now, Michael has roughly 13 videos in his portfolio and we only just started this year. Michael has a Gold card and is aiming for Platinum, has perfect attendance and has begun realizing his progress and ability. I know Michael has big dreams and he can reach them with the right direction,” said Mike Peters, Paraprofessional of Archway’s Upper School and Career Education Program.

This isn’t just a dream for Michael, it’s also how he expresses his individuality and copes with his emotions. Michael said that when he is feeling down or depressed he dances to help alleviate any stress or frustration. The broadcasting class allows Archway students to get a preview of various elements that go into the multimedia production world. As you can imagine, this is something that students are interested in pursuing. Through the broadcasting class, Archway students learn how to operate a camera, import and export media, align overdubs and background music, as well as choreograph and write scripts.

Here is a link to the video as well which can be found on Archway’s YouTube page:

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