Compassion Champion: Mr. John Petsch

August 18, 2020

We recently had a “Compassion Champion” sighting with John Petsch, Principal of the Archway School at Cooper’s Poynt. John has been part of the Archway family since 2001 and is always going out of his way to support the students and families served at Archway. John did everything in his power to help get Cooper’s Poynt students enrolled in Archway’s ESY program this summer. His persistence and hard work paid off! John was able to help secure transportation for Cooper’s Poynt students after missing almost 3 weeks of ESY due to transportation issues caused by their own district. Thank you John for going above and beyond to ensure our students could participate in this year’s ESY Program! We want to recognize John for showing compassion, one of Archway’s core values, each and every day.

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