Employee Spotlight ON: Eddie Tate

September 25, 2020

Our Employee Spotlight goes to Mr. Eddie Tate, Business Development Manager of Archway’s Administrative Team. Eddie has been part of the Archway family for since January 2019. His primary focus is Archway’s adult partial care (Adult Counseling and Therapy) program and overall growth strategies. Eddie is most passionate about sharing Archway’s rich history of care delivery with the local and regional business community, and ultimately seeing the program reach an even higher level of success. He is pictured on the left with ACT clients during a wellness visit.

Having a sister, Brittany, with downs syndrome, he learned early in her life how important proper and heartfelt care was. He is proud to represent Archway Programs’ in its pursuits of delivering that standard of care to the masses. In his current role as Business Development Manager, Eddie is continually chasing and interpreting various types of data, whether historically based or real time. Data plays a critical role in Eddie’s success because our industry is changing at the speed of light, and the more nimble we are in identifying trends and other market-based demands, the more likely we are to actually be key figure in the future of this business.

What’s your favorite Archway memory?

“I was still a relatively new employee at last year’s annual fun day held at the Upper School. I was particularly excited to see all the activities held that day, as well as how the kids responded. Since photography is one of my hobbies, I was also excited to secure some actions photographs of the kids at play. That day, through the lens of my camera, what I saw melted my heart. Pure and absolute joy from all involved! To me, it was a very, very special day, and it brought me closer to the work that we all do.”

Eddie has a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism from the University of Tennessee, and has spent the majority of his career building corporate and community relationships. A former golf professional, Eddie now enjoys cycling, photography and playing the bass guitar. He and his wife, Jeannie, in addition to his stepson and stepdaughter, reside in Galloway, New Jersey. One day he hopes to travel the country in an Airstream trailer with his wife.

Congratulations Eddie! We are proud to call you part of the Archway family.


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