Employee Spotlight On: Paula Gormley

July 16, 2020

Our Employee Spotlight goes to Mrs. Paula Gormley, Head of Transportation at the Lower School and SEMI Tracking Coordinator. Transportation Coordinator of the Education Department. Paula has been with the #ArchwayFamily for nearly 50 years! She started working at Archway Programs right out of high school at the age of 17. Yes, go-go boots were in style then! She has worked in both the Archway Upper School and the Archway Lower School as a Gym Instructor and a Water Safety Instructor. During her time at Archway, Paula has worn (and continues to wear) many hats. Paula has served as Gym Instructor, Summer Camp Lifeguard/Swim Instructor, Teaching Assistant, and she started an Inter-mural Sports League and traveling basketball team. She’s presently Head of Transportation at the Lower School, SEMI Tracking Coordinator of the Archway Schools.

“Her compassion for the students we serve is outstanding. She currently works at making sure our students are transported to and from school safely, as well as providing semi tracking forms for the districts. This job is probably the hardest of all mentioned as she begins as early as 5:30 a.m. on many days and ends her day around 6:00 p.m., tracking bus aides, behaviors, no one being home at some residence and other random incidents. She also organizes and runs the annual Santa Workshop and Food drive in the Lower School, which she started many years ago. Paula does all of this without complaint and loves what she does. Being an Archway mom and longtime employee, she also is a mentor, a counselor and a friend to many colleagues. She is well deserving of the Employee Spotlight,” said Susan Lafferty, Executive Director of Education. Paula and Susan are both pictured above during their early days at Archway!

This photo (left) was taken in the late 1970s on Archway’s Main Campus lake. During the last week of the school year, Paula would take students out on the lake as a special treat. She is the one lifting a student into the canoe.

“Congratulations on 50 years that is amazing. Thank you Paula and the many others at Archway who touched our lives and helped Emma grow, learn and succeed being able to transition to district. You all provided the building blocks and stepping stones which have paved the way for her to continue to grow and mature. She has done and accomplished so many things. It’s hard to believe she’s in high school and talking about wanting to get a job and taking drivers Ed next year. My hope is that she will continue her education after high school and be able to live independently,” said Brian Leeds, former Archway parent.

Here’s to you, Paula! We are proud to call you part of the Archway family. Thank you for everything that you do for our organization!


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