Halloween Parties and Celebrations

November 5, 2021

Across Archway, Halloween celebrations were everywhere! Festivals, parties, dances, and trick or treating in school hallways, and we captured many moments on camera. We captured so many photos, we compiled them all in one place, our Fall Celebrations Photo Gallery.  

Lower School

The Lower School celebrated Halloween by Trick or Treating on Friday. The staff did a wonderful job decorating the gym for the event, and they joined in the fun by dressing in costume. Special services created a set with a live scarecrow to entertain the students as they passed out their goodies! How fun and creative! Staff handed out treats to all the students as they visited each candy station, and before leaving, they invited students to slip their hands inside mystery boxes to feel, not see, what creepy crawlies might be lurking inside! The students and staff had a wonderful time, and they were all excited to participate in the special event!  

Upper School

The Upper School enjoyed dressing up and trick or treating the hallways as part of their fall celebration. Teachers and staff were also decked out in costumes and filled student bags with goodies as they paraded by. After filling their bags and buckets with treats and visiting the Career Center turned evil workshop, students enjoyed a Halloween dance complete with music and refreshments. Everyone had an exciting time, and they enjoyed checking out all the creative costumes and posing for photos with friends. Speaking of costumes, Mary Szczur took home the Best Costume award for her memorably wicked Cruella Deville ensemble, while Tiffany Holtz earned an Honorable Mention for her Smarty Pants costume! 

Cooper’s Poynt

Cooper’s Poynt enjoyed a day filled with Halloween fun this past Friday. Students had an awesome time hollowing out pumpkins in preparation for drawing and carving out eyes, noses, and jack-o-Lantern grins. They played games in the classroom, and they even mummy wrapped other students and their teacher! What an exciting day and a great head start to the weekend! Yes, they did unwrap the mummies before heading home for the weekend.  

ACT Program

The ACT Program celebrated its Halloween party this past Friday. Everyone enjoyed spending time together, and the party might have had a little dancing involved. The costumes were creative, exciting, and award-winning! Jim, dressed as a superhero, won the Most Creative Costume. Daniel, dressed as Michael Jackson, won The Best Dressed costume. Everyone enjoyed the festivities, and they were excited to share their creative costumes.  

Group Homes

Our group homes took part in the fun by getting dressed in their costumes. The ladies from our Piney Hollow, Freehold, and Medford locations are all ready for Halloween! You look fabulous ladies! No tricks only treats for this group of lovely ladies! 

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