HOPE & DISCOVER: Positive Pumpkin Patch

November 11, 2019

Our Partial Care Youth Programs, HOPE and DISCOVER, have been busy getting in the fall spirit! Ms. Dawn and five youth, created Archway’s Positive Pumpkin Patch bulletin board (pictured below). The bulletin board was created to inspire youth within both programs to have a positive attitude and self-image, be mindful of their self-talk, use re-framing and utilize uplifting coping skills.

Some of the words that the youth picked out for the pumpkins include: creative, strong, brave, beautiful and responsible. The youth were asked why having a positive mindset is important and one youth stated, “It is good to show positivity because one little thing can make a big difference in someone else’s life.” Another stated, “It helps you think to calm down so you can make better choices.”

In continuing to be positive, youth made their own “Thank you” letters to send to all of the restaurants that gave donations to make their Annual Fun Day a success. In passing, staff discovered that the Philly Pretzel Factory thought very highly of the cards and displayed them in their store for all to see. This gesture meant a lot to the kids in our HOPE and DISCOVER programs. It further fostered to the youth that sending positive messages has a ripple effect, impacting not just them but others in their community.

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