Upper School Day at the Museum

February 23, 2023
Black History Month 2023: Janet Jackson

A Black History Month Celebration

On Friday, February 17th, in honor of Black History Month, students and staff packed the Upper School gym to enjoy a Day at the Museum. Each classroom was assigned a notable African American or significant event in history. The students were tasked with researching their person or event and designing a presentation to share what they learned with fellow students, Lower School students, and the Archway Administrative Staff. Some of the exhibits included handouts to support what the students learned. Some gave oral presentations to visitors sharing what they learned, and others offered interactive games or quizzes to share information. All the displays were impressive in creativity, eye-catching design, and well-researched information.

All the students did an excellent job! And we are Archway proud of all of them! 

See below for a list of classroom assignments and a photo gallery. 

  • Rm 6: Hattie Mc Daniel  
  • Rm 7: Brandy  
  • Rm 8: Kareem Abdul Jabbar 
  • Rm 9: Juneteenth  
  • Rm 12: Rakim  
  • Rm 13: Clark Sisters  
  • Rm 14: Jordan Peele  
  • Rm 15: Tamera Housley  
  • Rm 16: Million Man March
  • Rm 17: Malcolm Jamal Warner   
  •  Rm 18: Stevie Wonder 
  • Rm 19: Greensboro Sit-Ins 
  • Rm 20: Danny Glover 
  • Rm 22: Ava Du Vernay 
  • Rm 23: Janet Jackson 
  • Rm 24: John Amos 
  • Rm 25: Rosa Park 
  • Rm 26: Victor J. Glover Jr. 
  • Rm 27: Egypt “Ify” Ufele 

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