Wendall Smallwood Visits the Upper School

March 6, 2024

Students and staff cheered as Wendall Smallwood, former Eagles Running Back, walked into the Upper School gym on the morning of March 5th. We have no doubt you could hear the cheers one town over! Mr. Smallwood answered questions from students about his career path, achievements, regrets, and even which celebrity he has a crush on. (That would currently be his wife.) Mr. Smallwood posed for pictures, autographed hands, sneakers, shirts, footballs, and more. Kelvin Prince, an Upper School staff member, presented Smallwood with a hand-drawn portrait he had created, and students and staff all signed a large card thanking him for visiting.  

Thank you, Mr. Smallwood, for visiting Archway Upper School and making numerous dreams a reality. It was a pleasure to be in your company. Thank you to Nurse Shannon for facilitating the exciting visit.

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